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21 Day Fix Details

21 Day Fix

Losing weight is difficult compared to gaining weight. Well, summer is almost here and a beach body is what many will prefer to have. No summer will count without a vacation at the beach. Are you in need of transforming your body into a perfect physique, and you don’t know what sell diet or exercise program to go for? 21 day fix will come in handy.

21 Day Fix

 This is a program by Autumn Calabrese meant to give you a body ready for the beach in just three weeks. The program is efficient in training and requires you to put your mind to it and be dedicated. Its workouts are designed to make you burn massive calories in a 30 minutes session, and provide benefits for maximum fitness.

Workouts Description

 Six exercises come with 2 DVDs. A modifier takes you through each workout by administering low-intensity version. You will do one exercise per day. Once you are comfortable and your fit level has increased(during the third week), you will have the opportunity to take part in doubles, that is, one workout in the morning and another one in the evening. The crafted exercises are:

 1. Total Body Cardio Fix: Results in lasting weight loss advantages through heart rate elevation and metabolism improvement.

 2. Upper Fix: Gives a sculpted upper body by targeting your back, chest, shoulders, abs, and arms.

 3. Lower Fix: Calves, thighs, and butt are targeted.

 4. Pilates Fix: Core strength exercises sculpt your torso and tone your butt, hips, and thighs.

 5. Cardio Fix: Improves cardio performance through heightening your cardio exercise.

 6. Yoga Fix: Your flexibility is increased and muscles toned.

Program’s Exclusive Eating Plan

 21 Day Fix uses containers with a color-coded system to control your diet. The difference is that you can eat whatever amount that fits into the container as you lose weight. You should have the following maximum:

 1. Green container(1 cup)- vegetables

 2. Purple container(1 cup)- fruits

 3. Red container(3/4 cup)- proteins

 4. Yellow container(1/2 cup)- carbs

 5. Blue container(1/3 cup)- healthy fats and cheese

 6. Orange containers(2 cups)- seeds and dressings

 7. Shakeology cup- drinks

 This fix keeps you fit and healthy. Its simplicity makes it the best for you can easily have it as a lifestyle.Go ahead and face your first day all through to impressive results.

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