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21 Day Fix Boosting the Metabolism

The 21 Day Fix Burns Fat by Boosting the Metabolism


Fitness programs designed by people who are experts in the field will yield better results than those that are not. Fitness expert Autumn Calabrese is the mentor behind the 21 day fix program. As a professional fitness instructor, she understands the importance of balancing a sensible diet with a good workout. This particular program is designed to give a person a lean beach body look in less than a month. This is the ideal program to use before the summer swimsuit season arrives. The unique combination of exercises and menu plans help the body shed those unwanted pounds of fat.

Easy to Follow

The 21 day fix is also a program that is extremely easy to follow. The program includes instructional workout DVDs, colorful food containers and a complete guide to creating and following meal plans. In addition to using the colored containers to calculate the appropriate portions of food, the program also provides a handy schedule for incorporating the exercises to get maximum results. The schedule is designed to optimize the fat burning process of the body so people get a lean tone look in just three weeks. Because everything is laid out in the guide and instructions, following the program is easy for anyone to do.

Boosting the Metabolism

The majority of exercises included in the 21 day fix program are designed to boost the natural fat burning processes of the body. This is accomplished through the use of both high and low intensity exercises. The combination of exercises and menu plans help boost the metabolism into high gear. The specially designed containers make it easy to stick to the required amounts of food for each category. Veggies, carbs, fruits, proteins and healthy fats make up the larger portions of the meals, while seeds and oils help round it out. 

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